Kelly Doherty

My husband and I bought our 1st property in Lake Worth more than 15 years ago. We imagined that someday the town would emerge as a reinvigorated beachside town worthy of everything its prime location has to offer. We invested in multiple properties over the years. At one point we owned two of the cottages featured in the “Cottages of Lake Worth” and one was even featured in Architectural Digest. We put our heart and soul into each of them, leaving each one better than we found it. These homes and the town itself became a huge source of pride for us. Our friends came to visit and saw what we did too. But over the years we have seen too many businesses and restaurants come and go. And too many ridiculous arguments over any development. The city lost its shine for many. Why? I am sure there are lots of reasons. But there is one fact that can’t be disputed. The Gulfstream Hotel, a historic gem, deserves to be restored. It simply can not languish any longer. It will represent a rebirth for this town. New businesses will invest, families will flock here to enjoy what we have always seen…a perfect beachside town. Don’t we want people to see this too? Lake Worth deserves to shine and the Gulfstream does too. To the people trying to make this project happen thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your tireless efforts. We so appreciate you seeing what so many of us do too.


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