Andrew Gottlieb

I am a Lake Worth resident and would like to comment on the Accessibility of Beach Services Agreement. I feel that we should include some language that indicates that in no way will future contract amendments impact public access to the beach. The current agreement indicates that each time the vendor contract expires, the hotel can ask the City for additional services. If these services create a larger footprint on the beach (for example more chairs, etc), this has the potential to decrease the amount/surface area of beach available to the public. It is unreasonable to expect residents to constantly have to follow the vendor contract schedule to make sure our beach does not end up increasing services to the hotel while decreasing public access. We will likely be having this same discussion in one year when the current vendor contract ends if no language is added to the agreement. I would like to say that I enjoyed the Gulfstream when I first moved to Lake Worth and have always wanted it to reopen. That said, we as a community are giving more than our fair share. The community should feel comfortable that one of our most treasured assets “the beach” will not be negatively impacted by private business.


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