Dan Volker

I believe critically important information is missing from the town's collective knowledge base --- The town is collectively UNAWARE that Lake Worth Beach could be a world-famous Scuba Dive and Snorkel Destination.
This means tens, or hundreds of millions of dollars, should be pouring into Lake Worth Beach right now. This money would be pouring in right now except for the failures of past Commissions on recognizing the enormous natural resource they have. Next month I will be acquainting the Commissioners with the PROOF of what I am suggesting here.

The take-away for today... is that the Gulfstream should become a MASSIVE CONDUIT to funnel State and County Tourism Dollars into, as well as to represent a foundation for a very large influx of Dive Tourists, directly into the town's entertainment district economy, and this should be with practically no increased traffic by rental cars, as Dive Tourist do not typically desire a car at Dive Resorts... Very easy solutions for them will be presented. THE GULFSTREAM WILL MAKE LAKE WORTH SO MUCH MONEY THAT THE HUMAN SERVICES THAT SEVERAL COMMISSIONERS ARE FIGHTING FOR -- WILL BECOME EASY TO ACHIEVE AND ENTIRELY PAID FOR BY THE ECONOMY THE HOTEL WILL GENERATE.

I have not seen the good or bad in the contracts, so I have no knowledge of what several commissioners are attempting to protect us from.
I am sure they are trying to protect us....
Whatever good or bad, the potential economic benefits need to be considered WITH the other issues.


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