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Catherine Nolan
222 N Palmway,
Lake Worth Beach

Dear Board of Commissioners,
I’m writing to indicate my wholehearted support for the Gulfstream Restoration Project.
The facts, including city commissioned data, are clear:

•Lake Worth residents voted overwhelmingly to raise height restrictions to facilitate this project.

•The Jon Stover economic analysis report confirms “a 791% return on the City’s upfront contribution”. A return that can be utilized in a multitude of beneficial ways for our community including assistance to those in need.

•A recent petition of 1000+ signatures confirmed, yet again, unabated support for this project.

The Lake Worth Beach constituency is an educated populace, with broad life experience, that is more than capable of interpreting these facts and figures in order to make an informed decision that best represents the needs of our community as a whole.

Of particular note through this long process; the Restoration St. Louis developers Amy and Amrit Gill have demonstrated an exceptionally high calibre of dedication to meeting community needs and concerns. They are persons of quality. Their thoughtful body of restoration work elsewhere speaks for itself and we are highly fortunate to have them in our midst.

Please approve the package without delay so that our community may soon realize a newly revitalized, much cherished landmark that will create memories for younger generations to follow.

With kind regards,
Catherine Nolan

We have been visiting the lake worth area for 20 years and became resident’s this past year. When my family visits we tend to go to Delray or West Palm because of the restaurant/hotel choices. This past year our family and friends stayed at the newly renovated Opal in Delray for a celebration. Lake Worth Beach has so much potential to compete as a vacation destination with the renovation of the Gulf Stream Hotel and I truly hope that this project moves forward.

Erin Allen


Each of you have verbally expressed your support for the Gulfstream project, so let your actions match your words tonight and vote in favor of this watered down public-private "partnership agreement" with Restoration St. Louis.

Tom Dehnel


We are writing to encourage the commission to do what's right and vote to move fully forward with the Gulfstream Hotel Restoration project. The commission has spent months waffling, but the majority of residents in Lake Worth Beach want this to happen. We want our city to thrive, not to debate nonsense in endless meetings. Get it done.

I am a new member of the Lake Worth Community
And would love to see the Gulfstream hotel back open and enriching our great city .

I support the final items related to the Gulfstream Hotel restoration and vote to move the project forward. Anyone that has anything to do with promoting or selling our City since the Gulfstream's closing, knows of the negativity its dormancy and plight conveys. Without fail, every significant investor in our City will inquire, "what's going on with the Gulfstream?" Some walk away in fear that the City is stagnant, others invest as contrarians "hoping that change is inevitable". This building is an important reflection of our City, let it promote us, not work against us. The cost of inaction is far greater than the cost of moving this forward.

Steven Miller
Broker Owner
Steven Miller Real Estate, Inc.

I have been a resident of Lake Worth for over twenty years. I fully support the proposed the final items related to the proposed project at the Gulfstream Hotel. Not only would this project be beneficial to the residents of Lake Worth, it will benefit the City (and all local businesses) in terms of additional tourism generated by a hotel in the city center. I urge the Commissioners to approve the project.

Do the right thing. Do not ask for any more concessions from the Developers. Proudly and swiftly return 5 YES votes in support of the project. No more delays. Serve your constituents. Thank you.

I urge the commission to make good on the “Letter of intent” that you agreed to with Restoration St. Louis on May 25, 2021.

In the 15 months since you signed this agreement, you’ve spent more than $50K of OUR taxpayer dollars on an economic impact study and a third party negotiator.

The time to act is now - no more stalling, no more studies, no more delays.

The Gulfstream Hotel will revitalize our downtown - bringing in tourists to spend money at Lake Worth Beach businesses and providing good paying jobs to our residents.

The 2022 economic impact study clearly shows a staggering projected return on investment on city contributions and incentives.

This is very clear. Listen to the experts!

Please provide Restoration St. Louis with the support it needs to save this historic building and bring economic stability to downtown Lake Worth Beach.

Dear Mayor and Commissioner's,
This is the time to move forward with the Gulfstream. I attended a previous meeting and the people had spoken in favor of the project.
Let’s accomplish this one task that sets the city finally moving in the right direction.
Thank you,
Orlando Fernandez

We are writing to express our complete support of the Gulfstream project.
The Gulfstream has been closed since 2005 and we now have the opportunity to have this beautiful hotel restored.

A spreadsheet was shared recently at a council meeting with details of the city’s financial commitment to the project. What wasn’t shared were the benefits to the city and those benefits are sizable. An independent study by an economic development group showed that visitors to the Gulfstream would contribute $7.4 million annually to the economy and the city could potentially see more than a 700% return on the city’s investment.

Concern was also expressed about giving “free” money to a wealthy developer while 25% of Lake Worth’s population is below the poverty line. My understanding is the “free” money will be used for infrastructure improvements and waiving various construction fees. To me this is an investment in the project that will benefit Lake Worth Beach by creating many good paying jobs and additional taxes for the city. It seems as though for every negative concern there is an extremely positive return to all the citizens of Lake Worth Beach.

The law firm retained to negotiate the agreement between the city and the developers shared very positive remarks about the project. Mr. Robert Sanders said the “economic , fiscal, community, and social impact benefits that will enhance the vitality, safety, and vibrancy of downtown Lake Worth Beach, will be substantial.”

So, as Commissioner McVoy said in a post on Facebook, “Let’s get this done!”

Ed Jenkins and Susan Coggin
615 N Oceanbreeze
Lake Worth Beach

I urge you to show your full support for Restoration St Louis and to listen to the overwhelming majority of the citizens of LWB. I am thankful for the CRA board for understanding the positive impact the restoration of the Gulfstream Hotel will have for ALL the residents of LWB. And I am thankful the Gills have had the fortitude to stay in the game as long as they have with the city nit-picking away all incentives. Let’s just pray they don’t throw up their hands now and walk away. If they do, (and who could blame them?) it will be the fault of three commissioners.

Lake Worth Beach is an historic city; the Gulfstream Hotel is one of, if not the main monument to celebrate our history. We should be grateful to Restoration St Louis and support this heroic effort!

I support the Plan by the Gills to bring the GulfStream Hotel back to its former glory and the significant financial benefits it will bring. I hope every Commissioner has read Mr. Sanders letter to the CRA on how little this City is contributing to this project. But for the leadership of the CRA and the fortitude its staff showed in resisting Mr McVoy unethical attempt to postpone the meeting to sink the project we would not be on the verge of moving forward. In the few short years I have lived here I am amazed at Mr McVoy opposition 10 years ago to building the Publix Market,opposition to financially supporting the GulfStream project, proposing to let the homeless sleep on our sidewalks and parks, seeking to terminate our contract with the Palm Beach Police, taking over the CRA etc. Each decision short sighted and negative for our City.

There has been overwhelming support for Restoration St Louis and bringing the Gulfstream Hotel back to life. The commission knows this and we now need to move forward. Tonight, let’s bring back some pride and happiness to our city. Vote yes for progress.

This city can no longer block what the residents want. Overwhelming support for this project has been demonstrated over and over.
This board must vote yes - you were put into office to work for us, the residents of this town. You do not have the right to block our wishes !
Vote YES and get this project moving - it’s been many years, can you finally make a decision that moves this forward.

Mayor and Commission-
Please move forward with the Gulfstream Hotel project and the city's promise to the developers. The benefits of the project will be felt citywide and will give the city a firm basis for future economic growth.
The housing crisis facing Lake Worth Beach is shared by all communities in South Florida. Market forces and some basic old fashioned greed has created a rental market that is out of reach for many working Floridians including our neighbors. Holding the Gulfstream Hotel project hostage or changing the makeup of the CRA will not solve this crisis. A cooled down market and additional rental units will. The market is cooling and additional workforce housing is in the pipeline in Lake Worth Beach and throughout the region.
Let the CRA do its job and let the developers do theirs. Good governance is your job. Please vote yes and allow the Gulfstream to move forward.

LWB needs the Gulfstream Hotel! Our downtown’s future depends on it as the economic and cultural impact will be extremely positive. If this project stalls or dies it will be a major disappointment across the board.

If Restoration St Louis decides to go ahead with the Gulfstream Hotel, it will be in spite of several members of the current commission. God help the next developer after you’ve done your best at stripping away incentives and trying to kill the project every step of the way. What an embarrassment.

There is no downside to the Gulfstream project. We have a competent and honorable team in the Gills. We have businesses hungry for foot traffic. We have a city budget in need of money. We have a chance to make LWB shine.

At your last meeting you very admirably addressed the housing crisis. At the end of the meeting you appeared so upset over CRA funding of the Gulfstream that you proposed taking over the agency.

You seem to think that the two issues are in opposition. May I suggest you broaden your thinking and recognize that expanding our city coffers will give you options in addressing housing - options such as rent money to avoid eviction, assistance with a down payment for first time homebuyers, hiring enough code personnel to police slum landlords, and helping with emergency repairs. If we can collect enough revenue to get beyond the basics of running the city, we can use some of the Gulfstream revenue to tackle housing issues.

Take the long view here and show us the vision and leadership we have a right to expect from you. And understand that you are giving some to get so much more.

Please fulfill your stated support for the Gulfstream Hotel restoration project and approve the final pieces. We, your constituents, have done everything we can to convey our strong support for the project and for these developers, Restoration St Louis/ the Gills. Renovating the crown jewel of our commercial buildings in town does not mean we want to change the culture of Lake Worth. It means we want it all: a thriving downtown with a gorgeous hotel to enjoy, plus our unique artsy, diverse, honky tonk town. More jobs and tax dollars will benefit everyone and help us afford big challenges ahead including climate change and affordable housing. Thank you.

I urge Every commissioner to approve the final steps to approve the Gulfstream Hotel. We have waited years, gone through a couple of investors and law suits to get to this point. Let’s not delay this any longer and put our city on the course to generate jobs, and truly become the best vacation destination in South Florida.

My name is Robert Bryson. I have been a resident in Lake Worth Beach since 1992.
I reside at 1231 North Lakeside Drive.
I wanted to express my full support for the Gulfstream Hotel Project. The shot in the arm that a vibrant hotel will bring to our downtown and City as a whole is essential to this City and the vote of confidence that it will send to others thinking of bringing their businesses is much needed. I am sure that the commission and the Mayor will do the right thing and support this vital and timely improvement.
Thank you

To whom it may concern

I moved to lake worth in 2016 and it was definitely a transition from my previous address I was willing to move here because the people around my neighborhood were so wonderful and had such a sense of community. I thought this is a gem in the rough and there is so much room for growth to strengthen our town. It seems The city itself does not share the same values as it’s people. We have an opportunity with this hotel that will give back to us who live here and hopefully bring this town to life! a place where our children want to return to. the only thought is why is it always being deterred? Why does the city reject change l? why are we thinking of the intoxicated drugged up homeless people over the good of the working tax paying people who live here and want growth and security

I fully support the Gulfstream Hotel project! Enough with the delays and contingencies. Let’s finally get this project underway. It’s exactly what Lake Worth Beach needs! Gooooooooooooooo Gulfstream!

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