Cara Jennings

can you start my time um good evening everyone um having varied opinions on how to restore and redevelop is very important i think we'd all agree that with debate critique and dialogue we can come to the best decisions i i don't love the masking and the height but i'm going to set that aside for right now and talk about finances that i believe it was mr waters just went over previously this um sounds like a good dose of corporate welfare these aren't small local developers these are large developers this is a corporation and yes we you know want the city to invest in the project but um you know i wasn't following all the numbers but it's definitely in the millions between the city's contribution and the cra and um you know to listen into your budget hearings and hear how strapped we are for money and and to hear you guys talk about that week in and out and then we're fine we're going to find money to um redo the streetscaping on the blocks surrounding this property d street near where i live still has potholes so yes please give them some appropriate amount of financial support but at this point it sounds over the top and no tax coming in off these properties for 10 years that has got to be renegotiated that is that is really just too much to do that and give them the height and give them the density um that that whole package i think is unfair and doesn't represent the best needs of the residents um you know i think to say you get the height you get the density but we get the tax money would be more appropriate and please get the policy and ensure that they do local hiring are they hiring local teams are they hiring minority and female businesses how can you ensure that how can you get that into these agreements so that our residents really do get hired it only benefits us if we also get hired to do the work so please ensure that

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