Ronaldo Diaz

thank you so much Ronaldo Diaz i wanted to point out something that commissioner robinson said early mentioning bryant park and describing it as a sacred place and i think that is really a great way to describe um bryant park but there's also so many other things about this town that are uh sacred and you know among that is the the excellent diversity of trees that we have here uh the environmental friendliness overall the community the walkability um so on and so forth and as someone who is born and raised here I mean it's pretty sad to think that i'm pretty sure at my point in life it seems like the gulf stream has been closed more than it has been open uh so i think without a doubt the community here nobody is against the restoration and reopening of gulfstream there's nothing we want more but we're i and i know others are concerned about the additional annex that's being added on because like bryant park like the walkability like so many characteristics of the reason why many of us stay and live in lake worth the annex that large building doesn't doesn't really reflect you know that sacred community aspect that we have that sidewalk to sidewalk massive buildings you know like lucerne and others it just doesn't reflect the community's character that makes us so special and i think it's a little disappointing to see the developers push that additional building additional structure because i do think the gulf stream in itself if done properly and restored properly it can be successful without the addition of so many of such a big building as an environmentalist it's really important that we admit to ourselves that we do need to live at a slightly higher density

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