Philomena Tengzelius

hi there i'm philomena tangzilius i'm with coldwell banker in lake worth and i have observed the gulf stream for many many years on the negative side is a derelict eyesore that for many years has come and gone people have been doing things condos condo hotels but they never really got off the ground and hats off to you amy and amrit you have taken on a wonderful property and you need to see this through to completion i see it reminiscent of the don cesar in st petersburg florida i do think both elements should be the same and i do think that with everybody here working and pulling together it's going to be an infusion of energy for the community jobs for the community and going down the line tourism etc and all that can bring is more revenue to the city of lake worth which will help with all of the deficits they may have right now and i would like to thank you very much if i can assist in any shape or form i'll be very happy to do so i have worked on historic renovations in places such as edinburgh et cetera et cetera and i wish you the best of british luck thank you

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