Deborah Roberts

before i begin i just want to clarify if it's two minutes or three minutes ben kerr posted three city clerk says two and it's is it evelyn wood speed reading or is it it is three thank you thank you appreciate it i'm deborah robert i live at 127 south k street and historic cottage with my husband randy i thank you honorable mayor and commission and everyone else for the opportunity to speak here tonight when I look at the gulf stream hotel even in its current state of neglect i can imagine it in its heyday in a vibrant hopeful city where so much was possible i imagine what it would be like alive and well listening to the gills from the beginning of their campaign and reviewing all i could about restoration
st louis not just on their website but different news outlets and the like i no longer imagine what it could be like I see it i see it right now i spent over 25 years staying at hundreds of hotels around the world the ones that stood out were not the chains the ritz the four seasons the sheridans it was always boutique hotels that embraced local charm and culture where unlike a stay at a cookie cutter space locals would warm up when they learn you're staying there eager to talk about hotels connection to the community this is the sense i get from the gills they wish to meld their project into our culture as a seamless part of a thriving little city with a really quirky attitude and i love that right off the bat they spoke of using local resources for the needs of the hotel forging relationships that are laborers artisans and businesses I imagine local farms providing produce bakeries florists and entrepreneurs expanding their businesses to meet the needs of the hotel local artists will show their wares in its public spaces
giving the exposure and opportunity I imagine a myriad of solid steady jobs a short bus ride away from many desperately in need of work and guests wandering along our main corridors window shopping and dining i know we can all help make the gulf stream one of the most vibrant hotels in the county we can why because we are lake worth beach and I believe the gills are as well i do believe this the redrawn renderings from listening to the hopes and concerns okay thank you very much and to the naysayers i say just look at the larger vision not just the architecture thank you

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