steve wild

good evening my name is steve wilde i'm from st louis missouri 21 south tealwood i'm here on vacation
and this uh if you'd asked me 24 hours ago how i'd be spending my vacation and this would have been the last thing I would have thought of uh but i i compliment your beautiful city and uh your beautiful area and it's and it's wonderful but um the last 20 years i had been a real estate and public finance attorney and early in my career i met the gills and we worked on a couple of projects together i've never worked for the gills but i've been in other roles on other aspects of the financing and i've done
many deals that are of similar complexity and um scope as this historic renovation and uh the gills are among the best at what they do and this they make it look easy but this is not an easy area it's very tricky uh they but they navigate the rules they stay within the rules they start the projects and they finish the projects that they start and then they stay with the projects and operate them and so um you're lucky to have them here and uh that's all i have to say i'm so glad that i got to to connect with them on the airplane and reconnect with them and uh the the fortune is that i'm here to share those experiences with you and congratulate you

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