Greg Ritcher

"um first of all i want to thank the gills once again uh for being out here to bring us an update on the pool on the pool on the hotel and also your commitment to the city by moving here investing in the city
i appreciate the fact that you've reached out to different groups and like miss lingle just expressed that i never knew there was really any opposition to this and there really isn't it is a very small voice uh 82 percent of the voters in this town voted for this for all three elements of that thing on that election we voted for the height increase we voted for them to do what they're doing 82 percent it's even better in your 75 so we all agree okay um so i just think we're hearing just way too much noise and getting way too much attention it's like someone who writes a bad review it's the person that gets feels upset they're more emotional and they write a bad review the people that like what they're doing they're content the city's content we like what you're doing and just please keep doing this um someone was asking about ad valerium and what have you if you have a historic home contributing home in this town you have a 10-year uh you have a 10-year moratorium on ad valarium so this is not something that's just being given to them this is given any contributing historic property in lake worth so just understand that this is no free giveaway here and just thank you all very much 82 voted for this thing and let's make it happen thank you"

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