Pam Triolo

oh come on it's only been a couple of months you forgot how to pronounce my name already hi everyone i'm so happy to be here it's kind of fun being on this side of the microphone in the podium i want to thank everyone i really wanted to just express my sincere thanks to Amrit and amy and bill and cbs um it has been such an honor working with them preparing to to bring back this iconic historic hotel we worked for many years on it and you know you want to talk controversy just mention the beach the gulf stream and the golf course you want to start a fight somewhere mention one of those out
on the streets so we know that that's been an issue and i know that there are people on both sides of the fence and a lot of crazy and crazy towns sometimes but the people have spoken and they're really in favor of this project i happen to like the earlier design as well knowing what the historic guidelines are for a nationally recognized property and how it has to be differentiated but i'm all for it i'm not for the 55 feet backwards also i think that you should be utilizing all the space that you have but i also want to just offer you some friendly advice now that i'm not there and um and you're negotiating with such lovely people there's a lot of things being said about affordable housing you know some of the people here are not saying the same thing when they're not sitting up there and they're bringing up all kinds of issues um please do not let anything stop you from going forward with this project we had an opportunity to meet a lot of people to hand choose people that were good for this community that cared about people that have proven themselves worthy of taking on this responsibility making something that the people want and also being good to the community and reviving a city not just a hotel that hotel is the heartbeat of this community and it needs people like you I want to thank cbs for standing by when things went kind of crazy for a little while there and you have been in it the whole time and bill i am so very grateful just hold strong we'll get it done get your feedback from the community and know that there are so many people in this community that are excited and love you and we can't wait to have that heartbeat back thank you

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