John Szerdi

hey good evening i know the mayor isnt here but good evening commissioners and everybody thank you very much for your time tonight and being up here mr waters hey um my name's John Szerdy i'm a local architect and a general contractor i have our business here right here in lake avenue can you hear me okay commissioner how's that better thank you my wife says that to me all the time so um you know professor of architecture for about 20 years as well so i have some background also i was sitting in your seats there for a little while for a few years so i i really understand and I applaud really bringing this to the public's attention tonight and and getting this feedback but i hope that you do find that balance and the courage really what it's going to take here to go ahead and get this project done but on the front setback a lot of questions about that you know your planning does require you to use that you have these things to get that up there and i live in bryant park i love to walk down that street there's a blank there we need to fill that in I think if you move that up you can get more parking that you still need behind it maybe get three floors you know you can't see but the first two the top two floors coming down lake avenue i don't know why you would push all that you can't even see it driving there all right so if you did that you should be able to at least pull some more parking in close move everything on the edge where we can still walk by and not have a void there like we're trying to to avoid and still have things so as far as the parking goes you guys could use that I we have nice events walk our dogs everything there you still be able to do all of that and probably even better if you have a little more parking because those condos right to the south have always been a problem screaming louder than ever and herman you know that okay you know that loud and clear so that's not a problem to do that i think those are good ideas to relieve some of that parking and accommodate that all right so when you do that really all right well i think thank you for the time i just uh would say that the style in the 50s and 60s as a historic teacher is the least recognized time in architectural history i like the earlier design a lot better thank you very much good luck i hope it happens

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