Andrew Gottlieb

Good Evening,

My name is Andrew Gottlieb. I live at 141 Harvard Dr, Lake Worth.
First I would like to say I am very supportive of restoring and reopening the Gulf Stream Hotel.
I have fond memories of the hotel and feel it helps to define Lake Worth's historic charm and character.

With this in mind, I have several concerns after reviewing the information package for this evening's workshop. Given the time limit I will try to keep the items brief as I am sure other concerned citizens will raise similar issues.

1- Parking should not infringe upon Bryant Park or other public green space
2- Any concession regarding Lake Worth's beach should guarantee no infringement on public enjoyment of the beach. The beach is Public!
3-I am concerned about another 10 year tax moratorium. How does the City generate funds and how does a long moratorium benefit current residents? We are footing well over a million dollars based on what I read. Residents pay very high taxes, businesses should share the burden. Perhaps 5 years or other alternative should be explored (i.e.. repay taxes if the hotel is sold within xx years)? btw- I'm a biologist not a real estate attorney.
4- We need to guarantee the historic charm and not ultimately make a huge development all along Golfview Rd.

That said, I look forward to enjoying a cold beer or mojito and feeling the ocean breeze at the restored Gulf Stream Hotel. Thank you for your time.


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