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Lake Worth is the only example of what I call “20th century vernacular south Florida beach architecture” in existence. At all costs we get to cherish and preserve that. (“SFBA”)
I am proposing a Williamsburg, VA kind of lens to view our properties as a whole. We get to conserve and preserve this specialness as a look into a period of Americana that may never exist again.
This might require vision and a new way of thinking. It will certainly not be in keeping with proposed addition to The Gulfstream Hotel that we are being shown. However it might encourage a different kind of tourist draw to the property, depending on the kind of imagination and forward thinking we as citizens can apply to this gem.
What is the modern day visitor to our fair shores looking for? Have we asked that question? Does the visitor of today want the overblown 1980s Marriott brand grand suites, or do they prefer a European Z Hotel model of ergonomic brilliantly conceived small spaces? I feel the later.
Today the work force can work from anywhere choosing to do so traveling simply. Some will be the “tourists” we may attract. Has a study been done asking about their preference in hotel room accommodations in this post Covid era? These say “no” to Macmansions and are choosing tiny homes, who might be working from their laptop in an RV traveling the world.
As an ardent environmentalist and conservative conservationist, I feel fervently that we must stop this developmental madness and rethink the consequences for our future.
There is nothing sustainable about the proposed plan. A building of the nature you propose with buildings collapsing by the water and the headlines screaming “Climate Change” is just plain irresponsible.
Aside from all of this it is ugly.
Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share. If ever you wish to include some level of sustainability(and I’m not just talking Gray water recycling) I’m happy to help. I live here, my late husband was the father of environmental architecture, and I care.

Jill Karlin Butler

Moving the Gulfstream project ahead could be such a catalyst in moving Lake Worth Beach forward both in terms of city pride and financial stability. Our city needs the revenue that this project will bring. I'm so tired of seeing businesses come and businesses go because of lack of patronage. This project will bring necessary money into our downtown and it will benefit everyone. Lake Worth Beach is always in last place when it comes to progress. Lake Worth Beach has all the potential in the world to be thriving, seaside enclave but when will we invest in our future. The time is now! Please make this project happen!

I strongly support the historic preservation and renovation of the Gulfstream Hotel. I understand that economic incentives are a necessary aspect of this project - in the form of additional development - and I support that compromise. The Gulfstream is a landmark that could become a gorgeous destination for tourists and residents, vitalize downtown, and energize commercial and artistic life in our city. I’m thrilled the city is partnering with an architectural firm that cares about historic preservation and has an impressive track record - deeds, not just words. I love our “old Florida” architecture and applaud this project!
Thank you. Victoria JB Doyle of N. Golfview Rd. LWB

Don Edge


Dear Madam Mayor and Commissioners,

Years ago I was employed as an architect to look at the old hotel to help find a way to convert it to make it profitable. The size of the original rooms was a challenge, and I’m happy that a developer has come forward to meet that challenge, although we haven’t yet seen any sketches to show how the remodeling will be done. The old Dining Room itself is worth preserving - enjoyed many a dinner there. I'd hate to see such a rich heritage go, and I’m afraid that the massive new addition will spoil all that.

Modern architecture has ways to increase massing without losing walkability and human scale, for example with the use of alleys and stepping heights down into the adjacent neighborhood. This project, on the other hand, would remove a public alley, and deny the adjacent buildings a step down in height. This low-end, antiquated design is more befitting a 1980s project just off the highway somewhere in middle America. It is not appropriate for Lake Worth Beach.

I read yesterday’s Palm Beach Post story. Sure, we'd all like to save the old building! But the story doesn't even mention the overpowering 'additions' proposed, or why this is, in fact, a Bait-and-switch AND a Trojan Horse. The story fails to mention how the scale of the project will lead to problems with traffic and parking.

I hope the new commission will show the necessary leadership to require the addition to support the old building rather than overshadow it, and be scaled back to an appropriate human size.


Don Edge

Mayor, Commissioners, 

My name is Mercedes Rico. Lake Worth Beach has been my home for almost twenty years. I love our City, but I'm also concerned for our City. 

We have too much poverty and crime to not embrace the jobs and tax revenues that will come from saving the Gulfstream Hotel. 

Underprivileged neighborhoods, like my own, need more investment so we can be safe and thrive.

This project will help us all do that - especially those who need help the most. 

Please get the Gulfstream Hotel open and the opportunities that come with it into our community as soon as possible.

My name is Chia Schmitz and I live in Pineapple Beach.

I fully support the Gulfstream Hotel Project — and believe a beautiful and revitalized historic hotel would be an immense win for our city. 

Restoration St. Louis has proven itself an integriful partner — working hard to complete a project that many (so many!) before them have fumbled. I hope we as a community, and commission, lend support to partners like them — and work to put wind in their sails, so we may have more needed wins for our city. 

This project, at its completion, would bring so much opportunity to Lake Worth Beach — it would save an abandoned historic property, create jobs for residents, bring tourists and revenue, and add more wonderful community areas for our residents to experience. 

As Benjamin Franklin has been quoted to say, "Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." I hope we do not make fools of ourselves as a city and let this chance pass us by. Saving and revitalizing the Gulfstream Hotel is too important to fumble again.

Thank you!

I've lived in Palm Beach County for most of my life, the last six years in Lake Worth Beach. We moved here for the charm, the historical homes and for the sense of community. Lake Worth Beach has always had lots of potential but unfortunately not much action to make it a reality.
The renovation of the Gulfstream hotel is critical, it's a catalyst, to finally turning the corner and making Lake Worth Beach the best it can be. Restoration St. Louis is the right developer to make this a reality. They have lots of experience renovating historical properties and they care about the community. They are the perfect developer for this project.
I ask the city commissioners to finally make this happen for all of us residents in Lake Worth Beach. This will be your legacy. This will be historical.

Good evening,

I have read through the latest changes proposed by RSL. I am in support of these changes. RSL has addressed the concerns brought to their attention as best may be. Let the project go forward.

I realize that some small number of residents will not be happy with the proposal. Although unfortunate, it is no reason to further delay the revitalization of the Gulfstream Hotel or, indeed, the town.

I say again: Let the project go forward!

I moved to this city in late 2005, and as my wife and I were walking from downtown to Bryant Park one morning, we passed by the Gulfstream Hotel where people were enjoying brunch on the outdoor patio, and I remember telling her, "That looks nice, we'll check it out next week." Well, you know what happened next.

For over 15 years we have been waiting patiently for this hotel to reopen. For 15 years we have watched developers and lawsuits come and go. And now, 15 years later, we have a team who specializes in restoring historic buildings, and are good at it.

I have reached out to Restoration St Louis expressing my gratitude, and I have full confidence in their ability to bring this hotel back to life, and in turn, a bustling downtown.

As a community member on the new Lake Worth Beach Tourism Taskforce, I'm brimming with excitement as to the endless possibilities a newly restored historic hotel full of modern amenities will bring to our local economy, residents, workers, businesses, and quite frankly, our reputation.

I'll be there with my wife on ribbon cutting day, fulfilling a promise made over 15 years ago.

Adam Sessa


Benefits on Having this Hotel.

The city’s height limit for the Gulfstream block was changed In March last year. We voted for the increased height based on the idea that the then-backers, Marriott Hotels, needed additional hotel rooms. This is something that is no longer true.

The new addition is something that is much bigger. Besides the 50 new hotel rooms, we are told there will be at least 109 condos being built as well. Way more than would normally be allowed.

This huge new building will overshadow the neighborhood, and make the local residential streets so busy as to be useless. This plan is in violation of the Secretary of Interior standards, where the Gulfstream Hotel is listed on its National Register of Historic Places.

Those standards, the “Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties”, state:

“A new addition must preserve the building’s historic character, form, significant materials, and features. It must be compatible with the massing, size, scale, and design of the historic building while differentiated from the historic building.”

This new structure would be nothing like the original Gulfstream in size or looks and would stick out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood.

The City has granted tax abatement, transfer of development rights and money – for that the developers should be required in ensure that the new structure aligns with the character of the original hotel, and with the surrounding neighborhood.

The issues of traffic, parking issues, lack of green space, not affordable housing being included, the size, look and design of the apartment section, and the neighborhood and neighbors should all be considered when making any decision on this project.

I’m a resident of Lakeworth Beach Florida and I’d like it too be known that I wholeheartedly support the GulfStream Hotel Revitalization project here in our beautiful town. I originally came from a small town in Ohio that always preserved & revitalized certain buildings and Hotels. It is my wish that this is something we can see done that all generations can enjoy.

Mr. Michael R Layberger

As a second generation property owner at the Gulfstream Condo I am so happy to see that the Hotel will be restored. My concern is the size of the annex. Shouldn't an annex be smaller? Now it is planned for over 100 apartments. My concerns are noise, limited parking, and the closeness of the Annex to the Gulfstream Towers and Hampshire Buildings.

I am a part owner of two condo units at the Hampshire at 31 S. Golfview Rd. My concerns are that unfortunately I am getting older and fighting for limited parking to access my units will be very difficult.
I think the planned annex and parking garage are much too large for the footprint of the annex site.
Respectfully submitted Elena Peterson

Mayor and Commissioners, I’m writing to express my support for the current Gulfstream Hotel Project. Please help Lake Worth Beach become the best City it can be by saving the historic hotel and creating a new place for us to come together as a community.

I fully support the restoration of the Gulfstream Hotel, however, according to this developer, in order to get the financing needed for this project, he needs to incorporate an apartment building into the annex. I would generally not be opposed to such a need, however in this case, this aspect of the project overshadows the vision citizens had for this space. When we voted to allow increased height for this project, I was under the impression it primarily was to provide space for hotel rooms whose size would be more compliant with the Marriot porfolio of hotel styles. It would also allow for a small number of condos (now apartments).

Unfortunately, in this latest design version, it appears the annex is mainly being used to accommodate permanant residents. Basically, we are being asked to approve another Lucerne being located at Bryant Park. This structure does not fit in with the low-rise, residential area surrounding it. It appears to be trying to fit 10 pounds of sugar in a 6 pound bag. The density is far too much for the existing footprint and it exceeds all the limitations listed in our ordinances.

Parking continues to be an issue here due to a high number of parking spaces now set aside for the apartments and fewer ones that can be used multiple times. The streets surrounding this location cannot accommodate a high traffic volume and residents in the existing condos are in jeopardy of losing their access via the alley way.

While I appreciate the fact that the annex has been set back 55 feet, there has been no adjustment to the size of the structure. When traveling westbound over the bridge, the annex will be the building that stands out, not the Gulfstream. The annex was to be a compliment to the hotel, provinding meeting spaces, etc., so the Gulfstream could be a fully functional hotel. This present version does not place the Gulstream as the dominant structure on this site and I feel the annex will detract from its' historical significance.

As residents and business owners in Lake Worth Beach we are excited about the redevelopment of the Gulfstream Hotel. The developers have listened to the public and have come up with a design that provides hotel accommodations and parking while not taking away from the beauty of this once Grand Dame of LWB. This hotel has been a derelict property for years - let's all embrace the future popularity that will come of our quaint town when the Gulfstream project is complete.

The city’s height limit for the Gulfstream block was lifted In March last year through a ballot initiative. We voted for the increased height based on the assertion that the then-backers, Marriott Hotels, needed additional hotel rooms.

The new addition, however, has morphed into something much bigger, and threatens to destroy the integrity of the neighborhood. Now, in addition to 50 new hotel rooms, the developer wants to build up to 109 apartments unrelated to the Marriot, but necessary, we are told, in order to secure financing. That’s why some residents believe there’s been a bait-and-switch, where the Annex is seen as a Trojan Horse.

Stucco cladding will not disguise what is a non-descript block structure with up to 157 new units that will overshadow the neighborhood, and clog residential streets. This plan violates the Secretary of Interior standards, where the Gulfstream Hotel is listed on its National Register of Historic Places.
Those standards, the “Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties”, state in relevant part:

“A new addition must preserve the building’s historic character, form, significant materials, and features. It must be compatible with the massing, size, scale, and design of the historic building while differentiated from the historic building.”

Rather than preserving the Hotel’s historic character, the new addition would starkly contrast with it in massing, size, scale and design.

With all of the inducements that the City has granted for this project, including, among other things, tax abatement, sustainability bonuses, transfer of development rights and so on – it’s not unreasonable for the City to require that the new structure aligns with the character of the original hotel, and with the surrounding neighborhood.

I wholeheartedly support the rebirth redevelopment and reopening of the Gulf Stream Hotel proposed by the Gill team, as they have the vision and architectural expertise to aid in our Lake Worth Beach prospering and flourishing once again.

As Mayor Betty Resch was quoted, Mr. Gill is willing to go that extra mile.

How is this not a huge benefit and a win win situation for our downtown and citizenry providing much needed employment?

Please take a moment and think, who among us does not hope and pray for prosperity?

Thank you for allowing this project to move forward.

Dear City Commission,

Thank you for providing this opportunity for me to express my utmost support for the Gulfstream Hotel project. The hotel will bring jobs and provide tourists with the chance enjoy our wonderful city. The current developers have taken a thoughtful approach to the project that truly embodies the spirit of Lake Worth Beach. We cannot pass on this opportunity to revitalize our city. We cannot let the Gulfstream sit vacant for another 15 years. Thank you.

Good evening Honorable Mayor, City Commissioners, staff and of course to Amy and Amrit Gill of Restoration St. Louis. I first want to say that in all my years as a professional urban planner and longtime resident of the City of Lake Worth Beach, I have never witnessed a developer of a project be so engaged and willing to listen to the community’s concerns. As a result, the original plan we saw last year is not the same one. The Restoration St. Louis team gave their time and effort to address many issues and substantially altered the redevelopment program as a result.

I’ve reviewed the back-up for this evening’s City Commission work session on the Gulfstream Hotel. I appreciate the opportunity to offer comments. My biggest piece of advice is that it is time for the City to get out of its own way. Items identified here in the back-up for tonight’s meeting should be reviewed as part of the application review and approval process for the project. This is also known as the entitlement process. The City and the developer have already executed a letter of understanding. The City Commission adopted it unanimously. The Lake Worth Beach CRA has already pledged an incentive package for the redevelopment of the block. Finally, the residents approved a referendum in 2020 which allowed height of new development on the block roughly equal to that of the historic hotel.

The development team listened to the community and revised the proposed redevelopment plan based upon the direction they received from residents and non-residents. Let’s proceed with the application review process. This will start the clock towards the re-establishment of a legitimate hotel in our downtown. It is in a location that is central to Palm Beach County which is a worldwide tourist destination. This historic hotel and its associated redevelopment will provide employment and an economic engine that our downtown has needed for decades.

We need to get on with preparing, submitting and then reviewing a development application. There will be plenty of time for public input throughout the upcoming review process. Let me remind you that over 80% of voters approved the additional height in this block in order to save the Gulfstream Hotel. Nineteen-twenties era hotels in Florida face significant challenges. Many will not see their 100th year. Let’s have Lake Worth Beach’s example be the exception to the rule.

City of Lake Worth Beach, Mayor and Commissioners,

I am a brand new resident of Lake Worth Beach and while I am on any day of the week, without a moment’s hesitation, ready to lay my life down to end capitalism as we know it and start anew with almost any form of anarchy in the better interest of our future generations to live in closer harmony with nature;

and while I would rather see wealthy out-of-town developers choke on their assets, grossly inflated by public policy so distorted from the idealist lies we would teach our children in the civics classes not offered in our schools that they make a mockery of any reasonable idea of meritocracy;

and while it disgusts me to think of the phony business dealings that may be done here over written-off meals and drinks in order for capital to extract as much value out of labor as humanly possible until every man woman and child outside the ownership class reaches their breaking point;

I do believe it behooves the citizens of Lake Worth Beach to have a swanky watering hole to wet their tender beaks in, and a minty pillow for the guests of their fair city to rest their weary heads upon.

I sincerely support the Gulfstream Hotel Project.

Your Comrade,

A huge thank you to the Gills for being so responsive to community input. I cannot recall another developer being so open to local feedback. I urge the mayor, commissioners, and city staff to fully support and accommodate the Gulfstream renovation. It will be an economic boom to our downtown businesses and our city coffers.

It is time for the Gulfstream Hotel to move forward and the City of Lake Worth Beach to gladly move forward with the project.
The downtown business core will benefit from the hotel. Especially after being hit by Covid.

I can tell you I am tired of walking by the old boarded up building on my morning walks. It is Adding nothing to the city, but a constant reminder that the City gets in its own way.

Yes to the Gulfstream.
Thank you.

Eli Cecil


Will the developers enhance this project by incorporating local professional artists and designers to create visionary artwork to compliment the interior and exterior of this landmark establishment.

Adam Sessa


Benefits on Having this Hotel.

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