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can you start my time um good evening everyone um having varied opinions on how to restore and redevelop is very important i think we'd all agree that with debate critique and dialogue we can come to the best decisions i i don't love the masking and the height but i'm going to set that aside for right now and talk about finances that i believe it was mr waters just went over previously this um sounds like a good dose of corporate welfare these aren't small local developers these are large developers this is a corporation and yes we you know want the city to invest in the project but um you know i wasn't following all the numbers but it's definitely in the millions between the city's contribution and the cra and um you know to listen into your budget hearings and hear how strapped we are for money and and to hear you guys talk about that week in and out and then we're fine we're going to find money to um redo the streetscaping on the blocks surrounding this property d street near where i live still has potholes so yes please give them some appropriate amount of financial support but at this point it sounds over the top and no tax coming in off these properties for 10 years that has got to be renegotiated that is that is really just too much to do that and give them the height and give them the density um that that whole package i think is unfair and doesn't represent the best needs of the residents um you know i think to say you get the height you get the density but we get the tax money would be more appropriate and please get the policy and ensure that they do local hiring are they hiring local teams are they hiring minority and female businesses how can you ensure that how can you get that into these agreements so that our residents really do get hired it only benefits us if we also get hired to do the work so please ensure that

thank you so much Ronaldo Diaz i wanted to point out something that commissioner robinson said early mentioning bryant park and describing it as a sacred place and i think that is really a great way to describe um bryant park but there's also so many other things about this town that are uh sacred and you know among that is the the excellent diversity of trees that we have here uh the environmental friendliness overall the community the walkability um so on and so forth and as someone who is born and raised here I mean it's pretty sad to think that i'm pretty sure at my point in life it seems like the gulf stream has been closed more than it has been open uh so i think without a doubt the community here nobody is against the restoration and reopening of gulfstream there's nothing we want more but we're i and i know others are concerned about the additional annex that's being added on because like bryant park like the walkability like so many characteristics of the reason why many of us stay and live in lake worth the annex that large building doesn't doesn't really reflect you know that sacred community aspect that we have that sidewalk to sidewalk massive buildings you know like lucerne and others it just doesn't reflect the community's character that makes us so special and i think it's a little disappointing to see the developers push that additional building additional structure because i do think the gulf stream in itself if done properly and restored properly it can be successful without the addition of so many of such a big building as an environmentalist it's really important that we admit to ourselves that we do need to live at a slightly higher density

hi there i'm philomena tangzilius i'm with coldwell banker in lake worth and i have observed the gulf stream for many many years on the negative side is a derelict eyesore that for many years has come and gone people have been doing things condos condo hotels but they never really got off the ground and hats off to you amy and amrit you have taken on a wonderful property and you need to see this through to completion i see it reminiscent of the don cesar in st petersburg florida i do think both elements should be the same and i do think that with everybody here working and pulling together it's going to be an infusion of energy for the community jobs for the community and going down the line tourism etc and all that can bring is more revenue to the city of lake worth which will help with all of the deficits they may have right now and i would like to thank you very much if i can assist in any shape or form i'll be very happy to do so i have worked on historic renovations in places such as edinburgh et cetera et cetera and i wish you the best of british luck thank you

before i begin i just want to clarify if it's two minutes or three minutes ben kerr posted three city clerk says two and it's is it evelyn wood speed reading or is it it is three thank you thank you appreciate it i'm deborah robert i live at 127 south k street and historic cottage with my husband randy i thank you honorable mayor and commission and everyone else for the opportunity to speak here tonight when I look at the gulf stream hotel even in its current state of neglect i can imagine it in its heyday in a vibrant hopeful city where so much was possible i imagine what it would be like alive and well listening to the gills from the beginning of their campaign and reviewing all i could about restoration
st louis not just on their website but different news outlets and the like i no longer imagine what it could be like I see it i see it right now i spent over 25 years staying at hundreds of hotels around the world the ones that stood out were not the chains the ritz the four seasons the sheridans it was always boutique hotels that embraced local charm and culture where unlike a stay at a cookie cutter space locals would warm up when they learn you're staying there eager to talk about hotels connection to the community this is the sense i get from the gills they wish to meld their project into our culture as a seamless part of a thriving little city with a really quirky attitude and i love that right off the bat they spoke of using local resources for the needs of the hotel forging relationships that are laborers artisans and businesses I imagine local farms providing produce bakeries florists and entrepreneurs expanding their businesses to meet the needs of the hotel local artists will show their wares in its public spaces
giving the exposure and opportunity I imagine a myriad of solid steady jobs a short bus ride away from many desperately in need of work and guests wandering along our main corridors window shopping and dining i know we can all help make the gulf stream one of the most vibrant hotels in the county we can why because we are lake worth beach and I believe the gills are as well i do believe this the redrawn renderings from listening to the hopes and concerns okay thank you very much and to the naysayers i say just look at the larger vision not just the architecture thank you

good evening my name is steve wilde i'm from st louis missouri 21 south tealwood i'm here on vacation
and this uh if you'd asked me 24 hours ago how i'd be spending my vacation and this would have been the last thing I would have thought of uh but i i compliment your beautiful city and uh your beautiful area and it's and it's wonderful but um the last 20 years i had been a real estate and public finance attorney and early in my career i met the gills and we worked on a couple of projects together i've never worked for the gills but i've been in other roles on other aspects of the financing and i've done
many deals that are of similar complexity and um scope as this historic renovation and uh the gills are among the best at what they do and this they make it look easy but this is not an easy area it's very tricky uh they but they navigate the rules they stay within the rules they start the projects and they finish the projects that they start and then they stay with the projects and operate them and so um you're lucky to have them here and uh that's all i have to say i'm so glad that i got to to connect with them on the airplane and reconnect with them and uh the the fortune is that i'm here to share those experiences with you and congratulate you

good evening madam mayor members of the commission my name is matt villa 1103 vintner boulevard which is in palm beach gardens i was actually a member of the st louis board of aldermen which is a city council in saint louis for 14 years and i was on your side of the negotiating table with the Gills
as they accomplished the impossible on several projects in st louis projects that no one else could or would do and i can tell you that they they passed with flying colors they are community partners they became a good friend of mine and i just want to speak on their behalf and say that they can accomplish the impossible uh just work with them and give them a chance thank you

"um first of all i want to thank the gills once again uh for being out here to bring us an update on the pool on the pool on the hotel and also your commitment to the city by moving here investing in the city
i appreciate the fact that you've reached out to different groups and like miss lingle just expressed that i never knew there was really any opposition to this and there really isn't it is a very small voice uh 82 percent of the voters in this town voted for this for all three elements of that thing on that election we voted for the height increase we voted for them to do what they're doing 82 percent it's even better in your 75 so we all agree okay um so i just think we're hearing just way too much noise and getting way too much attention it's like someone who writes a bad review it's the person that gets feels upset they're more emotional and they write a bad review the people that like what they're doing they're content the city's content we like what you're doing and just please keep doing this um someone was asking about ad valerium and what have you if you have a historic home contributing home in this town you have a 10-year uh you have a 10-year moratorium on ad valarium so this is not something that's just being given to them this is given any contributing historic property in lake worth so just understand that this is no free giveaway here and just thank you all very much 82 voted for this thing and let's make it happen thank you"

hi goodevening my name is kim lingle thank everyone for being here tonight and giving us this chance to opportunity to hear everyone and give our feedback I also want to thank our current commission for anything you have done to push this along as well as the past commissioners and mayor that helped to push this along I had no idea there was any pushback to yall coming to our community until the other day I can tell you there's no a person that i know and I know everyone sitting up there and most of the people in this room when we say we are so excited and grateful for you to be here we are difficult we're very strange but we are the best community you could have chosen to develop in because we will have your back we will support you and we will do whatever it takes to make you successful good luck

oh come on it's only been a couple of months you forgot how to pronounce my name already hi everyone i'm so happy to be here it's kind of fun being on this side of the microphone in the podium i want to thank everyone i really wanted to just express my sincere thanks to Amrit and amy and bill and cbs um it has been such an honor working with them preparing to to bring back this iconic historic hotel we worked for many years on it and you know you want to talk controversy just mention the beach the gulf stream and the golf course you want to start a fight somewhere mention one of those out
on the streets so we know that that's been an issue and i know that there are people on both sides of the fence and a lot of crazy and crazy towns sometimes but the people have spoken and they're really in favor of this project i happen to like the earlier design as well knowing what the historic guidelines are for a nationally recognized property and how it has to be differentiated but i'm all for it i'm not for the 55 feet backwards also i think that you should be utilizing all the space that you have but i also want to just offer you some friendly advice now that i'm not there and um and you're negotiating with such lovely people there's a lot of things being said about affordable housing you know some of the people here are not saying the same thing when they're not sitting up there and they're bringing up all kinds of issues um please do not let anything stop you from going forward with this project we had an opportunity to meet a lot of people to hand choose people that were good for this community that cared about people that have proven themselves worthy of taking on this responsibility making something that the people want and also being good to the community and reviving a city not just a hotel that hotel is the heartbeat of this community and it needs people like you I want to thank cbs for standing by when things went kind of crazy for a little while there and you have been in it the whole time and bill i am so very grateful just hold strong we'll get it done get your feedback from the community and know that there are so many people in this community that are excited and love you and we can't wait to have that heartbeat back thank you

hey good evening i know the mayor isnt here but good evening commissioners and everybody thank you very much for your time tonight and being up here mr waters hey um my name's John Szerdy i'm a local architect and a general contractor i have our business here right here in lake avenue can you hear me okay commissioner how's that better thank you my wife says that to me all the time so um you know professor of architecture for about 20 years as well so i have some background also i was sitting in your seats there for a little while for a few years so i i really understand and I applaud really bringing this to the public's attention tonight and and getting this feedback but i hope that you do find that balance and the courage really what it's going to take here to go ahead and get this project done but on the front setback a lot of questions about that you know your planning does require you to use that you have these things to get that up there and i live in bryant park i love to walk down that street there's a blank there we need to fill that in I think if you move that up you can get more parking that you still need behind it maybe get three floors you know you can't see but the first two the top two floors coming down lake avenue i don't know why you would push all that you can't even see it driving there all right so if you did that you should be able to at least pull some more parking in close move everything on the edge where we can still walk by and not have a void there like we're trying to to avoid and still have things so as far as the parking goes you guys could use that I we have nice events walk our dogs everything there you still be able to do all of that and probably even better if you have a little more parking because those condos right to the south have always been a problem screaming louder than ever and herman you know that okay you know that loud and clear so that's not a problem to do that i think those are good ideas to relieve some of that parking and accommodate that all right so when you do that really all right well i think thank you for the time i just uh would say that the style in the 50s and 60s as a historic teacher is the least recognized time in architectural history i like the earlier design a lot better thank you very much good luck i hope it happens

I won't take much your time at all i really like the stuff that you all are doing i think that we need to break this rule that was made up some time ago about our height limit i think that the part of this building that faces lake avenue should be up at least three stories above the um above the uh above the gulf stream so that we can advertise from a1a this project is not advertised from a1a whatsoever but i really like what y'all are doing i'm just really grateful speaking for everyone we are grateful thank you that's all i wanted to say so let's let's change it let's break this height limit for this project for a hotel and for uh an attraction you have to change that

I would like to take this opportunity to voice my full support for the Gulfstream Hotel renovation project. We as a city must do all that we can do to to preserve this gem which is on the National Register of Historic Places.
I have studied the published plans and feel that they provide a good blueprint for the future of the Hotel
I urge our city leaders to do all that they can to provide any assistance needed for the development of this project which I feel will be the impetus for a better future for the City of Lake Worth Beach.

Why do we continue ue to subsidize developers who will make significant profit from their project? Giving this developer public land, the alleyway and public money and allowing them to build put the site to its maximum density puts all of the developers needs ahead of the public's concerns.

I'll speak my comments on zoom.

The Honorable Betty Resch and City Commissioners:

I voted no to raise the height limit from 65 feet to 87 feet (spot zoning.) I voted yes on measure 2 on March 15, 2013, the Charter amendment to keep Lake Worth Low Rise
I'm concerned about the bulk, height and scale of the proposed "Gulfstream Annex" addition. The applicant is pursuing one mega-lot, big box development, which is not in harmonious with the surrounding neighborhood. Six lots (11 Lake Ave., 12, 14, 20, 22 & 24 S. Lakeside ) are listed and visible on PAPA maps. Utilizing distinct properties for development purposes would scale back the intensity of an addition to the Gulfstream.

Here are a few suggestions:
1) City needs to own the south-north alley between 1 Lake Ave and 11 Lake Ave.; City should establish it as a one-way alley from 1st Ave S (ingress) to Lake Ave (egress)
2) A strip of land west of the alley large enough to accommodate back-in angle parking needs to be deeded to City for public parking purposes.
3) Maximum Annex height should be built behind and between the historic Gulfstream Hotel and Gulfstream Condos. This would maximize intracoastal, street and neighborhood views from the new Annex building for hotel annex guests as well as the public's view of the building
4) Don't support developer's proposal for 55-foot setback off Lake Ave. Instead a three story structure along Lake Ave. (11 Lake Ave.) The three story limit protects the view of the street for hotel guests and public view of Gulfstream heading east on Lake Ave.
5) Don't subsidize developer.

I oppose the parking lot designs that breach public parkland

Thank you!

Richard Stowe

The opportunity to achieve the quality preservation of a beautiful, neglected LWB gem while also generating much-needed revitalization of the Lake/Lucerne zone is not to be missed! I strongly believe a well-managed restoration (including talks to reasonably resolve beach and pool access issues) would provide enormous benefits to our beloved town and attract the ‘right kind’ of tourism… visitors who appreciate our architecture, who want to stay a while… and support our local restaurants and shops. Let’s choose to thrive, preserve, and prosper! Thank you for listening.

I want the Gulfstream restored, but it must be done right. I don't want a huge, unsightly building next to it. I understand the builders need to build something adjacent to the hotel to recoup their investment, but it has to be of limited scale and blend aesthetically together with the surrounding structures.

109 apartment units is too many. I would prefer any new building to be four stories or fewer, five at the absolute most and fewer than 60 new apartment units. It's alright with me to add the proposed extra hotel units.

I am also concerned about how there will be sufficient parking for the hotel guests, new apartment residents, and current residents in the adjacent condominium without taking part of the park away. This is not acceptable.

This restoration project should not be approved to start unless and until these issues are addressed sufficiently. The city residents should be comfortable with the proposal.

Dear Commission and Mayor,

I am a homeowner, an artist and a musician, and have contributed much to the ambiance of our beautiful town in the 25 years I’ve lived here. I want to see the old Gulfstream restored, but not destroyed by a bad plan

The annex building is way out of proportion to the original hotel and would be the largest building in the downtown. It would be like the very unpopular Lucerne building on steroids. With all the incentives that the City is handing out, the developer should be required to build something that’s aesthetically pleasing, not an Econo Lodge knock off that is an eye sore.

In its current form the project would massively overshadow the original hotel, cause parking problems and traffic congestion, and be a bad precedent for future projects in or near the downtown. For all of the waivers, incentives and subsidies we have offered the developer, it’s time for them to go back to the drawing board and come back with a design that is more congruent with the surrounding architecture.



I have been coming to Lake Worth Beach for decades and have recently relocated permanently. I think some of the current push back on the Gulfstream redevelopment plan comes from folks who lack imagination. Who have no experience or memory of how great having a historical hotel operating in their town was and what that brought to the town.

Some folks in the town insist on using their creative energies to create obstacles. Energy better spent on creating solutions. The Gulfstream Hotel redevelopment plan is a fantastic step forward and I support it fully.

We have momentum that we cannot afford to squander.

I don’t think it can be overstated that the restoration of the Gulfstream Hotel is critical to Lake Worth. If we do nothing, the hotel will continue to deteriorate as will the village we so love.
I am in favor of moving forward and appreciate the consideration to the community concerns that the Gills have demonstrated. Let’s stay focused and improve our town.

Good Evening,

My name is Andrew Gottlieb. I live at 141 Harvard Dr, Lake Worth.
First I would like to say I am very supportive of restoring and reopening the Gulf Stream Hotel.
I have fond memories of the hotel and feel it helps to define Lake Worth's historic charm and character.

With this in mind, I have several concerns after reviewing the information package for this evening's workshop. Given the time limit I will try to keep the items brief as I am sure other concerned citizens will raise similar issues.

1- Parking should not infringe upon Bryant Park or other public green space
2- Any concession regarding Lake Worth's beach should guarantee no infringement on public enjoyment of the beach. The beach is Public!
3-I am concerned about another 10 year tax moratorium. How does the City generate funds and how does a long moratorium benefit current residents? We are footing well over a million dollars based on what I read. Residents pay very high taxes, businesses should share the burden. Perhaps 5 years or other alternative should be explored (i.e.. repay taxes if the hotel is sold within xx years)? btw- I'm a biologist not a real estate attorney.
4- We need to guarantee the historic charm and not ultimately make a huge development all along Golfview Rd.

That said, I look forward to enjoying a cold beer or mojito and feeling the ocean breeze at the restored Gulf Stream Hotel. Thank you for your time.

Is there any traffic studies in regards of this project? Or downtown LWB is gonna be a complete chaos. It is not what we need.


My name is Anthony Segrich and I live in the South Palm Park Neighborhood of Lake Worth Beach. As a resident, business owner, and believer in the future growth and prosperity of Lake Worth Beach, I am fully in support of the Gulf Stream Hotel Project.

I believe the current developers have shown a great willingness to navigate and work with the city to accomplish their goals while taking into account many of the community concerns.

This project will bring much to our growing city. We are looking forward to learning more about its progress and believe it is about time someone breathed life back into the Gulfstream Hotel!

Lake Worth is the only city south of Jupiter, on the intercostal, with any “old Florida” charm which is extremely valuable in the long term . Already home values are reflecting this. Why are we destroying the entrance and giving tax incentives to a few individuals ? Let’s slow down this process to get a developer who will restore the Gulf Stream and work with the historical preservation community rather than rush down a one way street . This appears to be rushed thru when the larger Lake Worth community are unaware and are on summer holiday . This is too big a change with too little community approval or awareness .

GiGi Cease


I am a new resident to Lake Worth Beach having recently relocated over 3,000 miles from the Northwest. While the quaint and charming character of LWB is what drew me to this community I recognize that a certain amount of growth and development is necessary to maintaining the economic vitality of the community.

The redevelopment plan presented for the historic Gulfstream Hotel is an exciting example of retention of history with well thought out expansion to keep it economically viable.

Will it constitute a change yes but how about the change to downtown that occurred when it shut down or the continual deterioration and disregard for this historic landmark. This is a change for the better and I look forward to breaking ground as soon as possible.

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