Meeting Date01/17/2023
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NameGreg Richter
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Greg Richter
1202 S Palmway

Tonight we are here once again on the L&M Property. Something that should have been resolved two years ago when the majority took over the commission. The first question is what to do with the current structure. At this point they are too far gone for the city to do anything with them and be removed. I believe that the majority of people fighting for these structures, it not about saving them as much as keeping something else going on the property. I think it is a misuse and tarnishes the true historical preservation that we have in our city.

I'm open to any reasonable development on this property, but any additional housing, retail must have a off street parking as a component. Several of the proposal mentioned on street parking, that is a non starter in this area of downtown.

I also must ask the Commissioner McVoy recuse himself on voting on any aspect of this development. Looking at his financial statement submitted to the city his only source of income is his city salary and South Florida Engineering and Consulting. The owner of this company has files lawsuits and opposed any major development to our downtown. The economic development would threaten their HUB2 standing. Commissioner McVoy need to come clean here!

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