Meeting Date01/24/2023
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NameJill Karlin
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Dear City Officials who Work for Us,
These plans look very much like the previous 2 plans submitted: they all boast an imposing five story building at the corner of Lake and M., disrespectful of our brand, "20th Century South Florida Beach Vernacular Architecture".
Did you know that the 600+ sq. foot building of Havana Hideaway, built in the 1930s, where you plan to erect a 5 story thing, is one of only 2 residential buildings still remaining on Lake Avenue? By imposing a grandiose 5 story edifice without consideration of the scale of our city, you destroy the integrity of our small scale city history for future generations to enjoy. "Old Town" by your scheme will have no character of "Old Town". Put big building on Dixie Highway... where it belongs.
Why don't you get 3 or 4 other bids (as is customary and prudent as opposed to only 1 bid that you present) for the cost to preserve ALL of the contributing structures. Put them back on the market. Real estate has 5x in value since the purchase of those properties. Many will love to live or create a business in a renovated historic structure in our adorable downtown before it is destroyed(work out with penny sales tax etc). This way we could easily keep the integrity of "Old Town", and create new opportunities for small business owners and home owners alike to live, work and thrive in LWB.
We could utilize the vacant spaces to build sustainably, and affordable housing...(missing from your plan: and all the buzz words in every other place on earth).
Perhaps do what you were elected to do, "keep the charm".

Read please, unless I come to meeting

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