Meeting Date01/24/2023
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NameAmy Kabcenell
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I am opposed to the City Commission going back on their word to accept the recommendations made by the Treasure Coast Regional Council on L&M Street Land Parcels. Considerable time and effort from stakeholders and the community, not to mention taxpayer expense, went into the Treasure Coast Regional Council recommendations. It was the result of structured community input that led to a compromise of various points of view. This type of compromise is what the City Council should applaud. It’s time to be stop rethinking past decisions and move forward.

Revitalizing our neighborhoods is important to LWB residents and businesses. Continuing to ‘do nothing’ with properties is a financial burden to us all. In addition, there are health, safety, security and crime concerns associated with the stall/do nothing approach.

Please do not continue to waste tax dollars, time and put the health and safety of our residents at risk.

Amy Kabcenell
20 Harvard Drive
Lake Worth Beach

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