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Namealexander schultz
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Overall, the plans are disasters. They look like someone trying to fit square pegs into round holes; misguided social engineering. They do nothing to attract visitors between the hours of 9am to 4pm to come to our “historic” town and its businesses. Consider using the properties to create a Yesteryear Village, even asking the County if they could relocate Yesteryear Village here. The City Museum could even be relocated to the Village. Many cities have the large Brown exit signs on the interstates for the city’s “Old Town.” Visitor attraction should have been the first step before special interest buildings were studied. Commercial establishments then could have been built adjacent to the “Village” core.

Substantially increased property heights on any part of Lucerne, and Lake west of Dixie and east of M Street are fine, but increased heights on Lake east of Dixie and west of M would destroy the possibility of creating a historic core downtown appearance. Not having the Bohemian and the Mid one or two stories higher were missed opportunities.

When the public meeting was held for the Element, gasps burst out when the image was unveiled.

I notified the City many years ago about flooding on the property of many of the existing historic homes. Notwithstanding, the City has approved structures that take up the remaining unbuilt land on the lot forcing rainwater to the adjacent lots. So, I have a senior citizen neighbor that the City has further injured by forcing more rainwater on to her lot. And that does not consider the damage caused to her when the approved second story removed her view of the sky. Many of us are in the 4th Quarter of our lives, our father’s fought in World II, and our uncles died there, and the City continues to reek havoc, misery and damage on us.

Alex Schultz
612 2nd Avenue South

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