Meeting Date01/17/2023
Public Comment TopicPublic Participation of non-agendaed items and consent agenda
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Namesam smith
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I have two non agenda comments tonight, I believe they speak to different issues so I would ask the City Clerk to please read both.

Why are there no public parks, public play grounds in the north east quadrant, Parrot Cove, College Park (east of Federal) area. Every other quadrant in the city has play grounds. Bryant Park and South Bryant Park each have one or two. The western districts have parks and playgrounds in both the northern section and southern section, Howard Park, Sunset Park and others. The only public access parks we have are two very small pocket parks on the intracoastal which have no services or equipment or Snook Island. This is a very large area of the City with many families with small children and there are no public parks for children in this area. This seems highly inequitable in looking at the City as a whole.

It would make sense to add a play ground near the golf course club house as there is un-used land available right by the parking lot. This spot is city owned land and underutilized or not utilized really at all (it is just grass, not utilized for golf or maintenance storage or anything else. This spot is also centrally located for this area. And of course, there is parking readily available.

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