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Adriane Coplan10/25/22Item M

Good Evening even though it may not be when this is read due to banning public comments, Last time I

Adriane Coplan02/07/2023Item A
Alex Cull02/09/2023Item A

With our city being under a declared Housing Emergency, seeking to enforce our existing ordinances regarding short term rentals is

alexander schultz01/24/2023Item A

Overall, the plans are disasters. They look like someone trying to fit square pegs into round holes; misguided social engineering.

Alexis Fuller02/28/2023Item E

As a city resident, I am proud to support the Item E Net Zero Resolution proposed by Lake Worth Beach

Alexis Fuller02/28/2023Item C

Dear Lake Worth Beach Commission, I am writing to express my strong support for the use of solar power at

Amanda Winters10/25/22Item N

There should be no further changes made to utility bill fees or payments to third party vendors for additional studies

Amy Ferriter10/18/22Item A

This comment is related to the city attorney’s report: You are a city commission grappling with many serious issues. Taking

Amy Kabcenell10/18/22Item A

REGARDING CITY ATTORNEY'S REPORT ITEM A The concept of the City of Lake Worth Beach Commission taking over the CRA

Amy Kabcenell10/18/22Item A

This is in response to the CITY ATTORNEY's REPORT The concept of the City of Lake Worth Beach Commission taking

Amy Ferriter10/25/22Item M

Utilities are part of housing costs. This City Commission declared a “Housing Emergency” on August 16th. Vice Mayor McVoy indicates

Amy Kabcenell01/24/2023Item A

I am opposed to the City Commission going back on their word to accept the recommendations made by the Treasure

Amy Ferriter01/24/2023Item A

I live adjacent to the derelict properties you are discussing tonight. They are dangerous structures, and becoming a magnet for

Amy Kabcenell02/07/2023Item A

Population changes make redistricting in Lake Worth Beach necessary. This is unprecedented and should be done with the utmost care

Amy Ferriter03/07/203Item B

In December 2021, the Commission approved a six figure contract with TCRPC to undertake a comprehensive study of the downtown,

Andrew Carey10/18/22Item A

Why attempt to take over the CRA? Is doing fine. And the commission has proven its ineptitude repeatedly, by repealing

Andrew Gottlieb02/07/2023Item C

Hi, my name is Andy Gottlieb. I live and work in Lake Worth and have been a resident for the

Anthony Gallegos10/25/22Item N

Good evening, I am against the proposed electrical rate increase. Lake Worth Beach has an opportunity to invest more in

Anthony Gallegos11/15/22Item B

Good evening, I believe that the city should enforce the ordinance banning short-term rentals under 60 days. These properties create

Anthony Segrich10/6/22Item A
Anthony Gallegos02/09/2023Item A

I believe the city ought to enforce the existing ordinance prohibiting short term vacation rentals under sixty days, though exemptions

Anthony Gallegos02/21/2023Item A

I am against the lease as it is currently written. It seems to me that Benny's has been receiving preferential

Anthony Bennett02/28/2023Item C

I support the city to put Solar on the Fields to help with reduced Natural Gas consumption and to help

Barry Katz02/09/2023Item A

We moved here permanantly in Sept 2019 after buying our condo in 2015. We are here because we love this

Bernard Guthrie12/6/22Item A

This pool needs to be located in a place where more residents can have walking or bicycling access to it

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