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Scott Zucker01/03/2023Item B

Honorable Commissioners, Please accept this letter as a testament of Audubon Everglades’ ardent support for Ordinance No. 2023-01. Our Audubon

Brian Luongo01/03/2023Item A

Brian Luongo 1327 N Palmway While I applaud the Lake Worth Beach's desire to become a more sustainable and environmentally

Judith Fox01/03/2023Item A

This whole process is ridiculous. Our esteemed representative sends out an email 1 minute before closing on a 3 day

Mary Tost-Dunning01/03/2023Item B

I strongly encourage approval of ordinance No. 2023-01. I have personally observed the Oystercatchers at Snook Island frantically chasing a

Ginny Powell01/03/2023Item B

Coastal development and shoreline armoring have resulted in widespread habitat loss for the American oystercatcher, a large black and white

Blue Kaufman01/03/2023Item B

I am in favor of the ban on drones annually between March 1st and October 31st. The snook islands of

Wes Blackman01/03/2023Item A

Good evening honorable Mayor and Commissioners. These comments concern what is a continuing code compliance crisis related to the city’s

Makayla Clanton01/03/2023Item A

It has been publicly noted that FAU was given instructions to redraw the districts in Lake Worth Beach while keeping

Herman Robinson01/03/2023Item A

Honorable Mayor and Commissioners: Looking at the redistricting proposals currently under discussion, it appears that the Modified Public Proposal provides

Thomas Lemere01/03/2023Item A

First Id like to say I appreciate Lake Worth Beach commission and the work they are doing to make Lake

Richard Stowe01/03/2023Item B

I encourage the Mayor and Commissioners to vote to approve ORDINANCE NO. 2023-01. I support regulation of launching of aircraft

David Simms01/03/2023Item A

I request the Commission restore the contributing and non-contributing historic structures on Lake Avenue, South L. Street, South K. Street,

sam smith01/03/2023Item A

Good evening honorable Mayor and Commissioners. I write regarding code enforcement being used as a weapon. There is a group

Drew Martin01/03/2023Item B

Subject: Jan 3,2023 NEW BUSINESS: B. Ordinance No. 2023-01 Restricting Drone Usage near Oyster Catcher Nests and Other Nesting sites

sam smith01/17/2023Item A

I have two non agenda comments tonight, I believe they speak to different issues so I would ask the City

sam smith01/17/2023Item A

I write regarding code enforcement being used as a weapon. There is a group of retired individuals that are going

Michele Mower01/17/2023Item C
Jill Karlin01/17/2023Item A
Greg Richter01/17/2023Item A

Greg Richter 1202 S Palmway Tonight we are here once again on the L&M Property. Something that should have been

Brendan Lynch01/24/2023Item A

Brendan Lynch CRA Chair 920 South Lakeside Drive. I am sorry I am not able to be at this meeting.

Erin Allen01/24/2023Item A

Erin Allen 208 South Lakeside Drive At the outset of my remarks, I am asking Commissioner McVoy to recuse himself

Elizabeth Arevalo01/24/2023Item A

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Arevalo and I live at 2503 N. Dixie Highway in Lake Worth Beach. I am

sam smith01/24/2023Item A

I love living in a City that can't afford playgrounds or proper trash pick up or to pave it streets,

Mary Kelley01/24/2023Item A

Hi, my name is Mary Kelley__ and I live at 510 North Ocean Breeze in Lake Worth Beach. I am

alexander schultz01/24/2023Item A

Overall, the plans are disasters. They look like someone trying to fit square pegs into round holes; misguided social engineering.

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