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Debra Robert10/18/22Item A
Erin Allen10/6/22Item A
Erin Allen10/18/22Item A
Cathy Casella10/18/22Item A
Helen Betances10/18/22Item A
Cara Jennings10/25/22Item N
Helen Betances10/25/22Item N
Anthony Segrich10/6/22Item A
Michele Mower01/17/2023Item C
Jill Karlin01/17/2023Item A
Sam Goodstein01/24/2023Item A
Adriane Coplan02/07/2023Item A
Ted Brownstein02/07/2023Item A
Catherine Kohlmeyer02/28/2023Item C
Catherine Kohlmeyer02/28/2023Item E
Catherine Kohlmeyer03/07/203Item B
Sam Goodstein03/07/203Item B
Micaela Martin11/15/22Item A

" I would like to ask the commission to please enforce the rules regarding short term rentals. Neighborhoods are better

Donna Kerner10/25/22Item N

• Fossil fuel prices will continue to increase in the future. The LWB utility needs to aggressively reduce our exposure

Luis Tamayo02/28/2023Item E

1. I support the Net-Zero Resolution 05-2023 2. The City needs to prepare an annual report updating the public on

Luis Tamayo02/28/2023Item C

1. The City needs to install soar panels at our former landfill. 2. The power produced by these panels should

Cliff Kohlmeyer02/28/2023Item E

A commitment to net zero greenhouse gas emissions will Improve the quality of life for our citizens; protect the environment

Alexis Fuller02/28/2023Item E

As a city resident, I am proud to support the Item E Net Zero Resolution proposed by Lake Worth Beach


As business owners in Downtown Lake Worth Beach for over 20 years, we have seen remarkable progress in uplifting LWB

Danny Barnett10/25/22Item N

As global warming, sea level rise, and saltwater intrusion are all near and long-term threats to our city, it would

 Name Meeting Date Choose Which Item Your Comment Corresponds With Comments to be read into record

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