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Debra Robert10/18/22Item A
Erin Allen10/6/22Item A
Erin Allen10/18/22Item A
Cathy Casella10/18/22Item A
Helen Betances10/18/22Item A
Cara Jennings10/25/22Item N
Helen Betances10/25/22Item N
Anthony Segrich10/6/22Item A
Michele Mower01/17/2023Item C
Jill Karlin01/17/2023Item A
Sam Goodstein01/24/2023Item A
Adriane Coplan02/07/2023Item A
Ted Brownstein02/07/2023Item A
Catherine Kohlmeyer02/28/2023Item C
Catherine Kohlmeyer02/28/2023Item E
Catherine Kohlmeyer03/07/203Item B
Sam Goodstein03/07/203Item B
Micaela Martin11/15/22Item A

" I would like to ask the commission to please enforce the rules regarding short term rentals. Neighborhoods are better served by families looking to settle down long-term."

Donna Kerner10/25/22Item N

• Fossil fuel prices will continue to increase in the future. The LWB utility needs to aggressively reduce our exposure and reliance on natural gas.
• We need an effective community solar program with more solar at our landfill to help offset the increase in natural gas prices.
• We need a strong energy conservation program with more utility revenues spent on energy efficiency.

Luis Tamayo02/28/2023Item E

1. I support the Net-Zero Resolution 05-2023
2. The City needs to prepare an annual report updating the public on the progress made in
reducing emissions.
3. Apply for grants available in the inflation Reduction Act 2022 and/or Infrastructure.
Bill of 2021 to help offset the costs of this initiative.

Luis Tamayo02/28/2023Item C

1. The City needs to install soar panels at our former landfill.
2. The power produced by these panels should be used to supplement our electrical grid and should also serve as a backup power system (Solar Power Generator) during major storms and other power emergencies.
3. Apply for grants available in the inflation Reduction Act 2022 and/or Infrastructure Bill of 2021 to help offset the costs of this initiative.

Cliff Kohlmeyer02/28/2023Item E

A commitment to net zero greenhouse gas emissions will Improve the quality of life for our citizens; protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and provide economic opportunity because the clean energy is a growth industry. More businesses are prioritizing clean energy and sustainability, and Lake Worth Beach should seize this opportunity to invest in the future of our citizens, businesses and the environment. I hope the commission we commit to a public policy that our electric utility to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

Alexis Fuller02/28/2023Item E

As a city resident, I am proud to support the Item E Net Zero Resolution proposed by Lake Worth Beach to reduce the emissions of Lake Worth Utilities.
It's crucial for us to take action towards sustainability and the reduction of carbon emissions, and the resolution is a step in the right direction.
The resolution not only benefits the environment but also promotes economic growth and energy efficiency, making it a win-win for our community.
I believe that implementing this resolution will not only create a healthier and cleaner environment but also set an excellent example for other cities to follow.

Alex Baker04/18/2023Item A

As a life long resident of Palm Beach County and homeowner within Eden Place since 2015 raising a young daughter, I implore upon you Commissioners and Mayor to object to any deviation from the existing Lake Worth Beach comprehensive use plan that would allow for new Shared Room Occupancy units to be developed in our city.

Opening up the opportunity to convert existing residential buildings into co-living spaces within existing single family zoned neighborhoods is not a sustainable solution to affordable housing. We need to be smart and see this would obviously reduce the number of affordable housing opportunities (single family homes) that have attracted new residents to our beautiful city.

Enriching our existing neighborhoods through infrastructure roadway and utility projects should be the priority. Smart development along the Dixie corridor should be the priority. Promoting developments that encourage safe spaces for everyone in our community to come together should be the priority.

Shared room occupancy in Lake Worth Beach is counterproductive on so many fronts and does nothing to enrich our community or promote safe spaces for our children. These comments reflect the position of the overwhelming majority of our community.

Thank you.

Alex Baker
1625 N K ST

michael merry04/04/2023Item A

As a resident and home owner of 501 S L street. I strongly disagree with the consideration of a workforce apartments at 707 6th Ave. Boarding housing is to assist people in getting better and bettering their lives. This area is already littered with prostitution, drugs, and theft. To pile humans into an apartment with no kitchen and no bathroom is a sub quality life that will not allow an induvial to reach their potential. This area is also next to a school zone with slowed traffic, and our children present. Every day for the school the cars line up down 6th street right in front of 707 to pick up the children, where possibly will more cars fit into this consideration?

 Name Meeting Date Choose Which Item Your Comment Corresponds With Comments to be read into record

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