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Suki DeJong02/21/2023Item A

I am against renewing the lease for Benny's on the Beach as it presently stands because I believe they should

sam smith02/21/2023Item A

I write regarding code enforcement being used as a weapon. There is a group of retired individuals that are going

Sue Welch02/21/2023Item A

Consider a reassessment for market rate on the property before renewing the lease. Evaluate the annual increase rate; consider renovating

Charmaine Raymond02/09/2023Item A

Dear City leaders, I would like to give my input to the special commission meeting on short-term rentals in Lake

Gael Silverblatt02/09/2023Item A

While looking through the back-up material for this meeting we feel that neither Option 1 nor Option 2 is a

Joseph Barnini02/09/2023Item A

Please enforce any and all existing ordinances RE: short term rentals, at least in single family residential zones. Nightly rentals

Christine Sylvain02/09/2023Item A

My son had a friend who lived down the street. He was a wonderful kid who was often over at

Wes Blackman02/09/2023Item A

Honorable Mayor and Commissioners, Wes Blackman, 241 Columbia Drive. Although I know you, like me, enjoy the beauties of the

Kathleen Sommers Naiditch02/09/2023Item A

Good Evening Mayor and Commisioners Many people who live in coastal towns rent their properties during the season moving to

Nicholas Parks02/09/2023Item A

My name is Nicholas Parks and I am a homeowner in College Park. I reside at 322 Cornell Drive in

Melissa Naman02/09/2023Item A

I am a resident and owner/operator of a short term rental in Lake Worth Worth. I am in favor of

Nick Paliughi02/09/2023Item A

At a time when rents are almost double what they were two years ago, it's inconceivable that Lake Worth would

Rachel Andes02/09/2023Item A

My husband and I have concerns over the new Airbnb neighboring our house. We were excited to hear that someone

Richard Stowe02/07/2023Item A

I want to thank you for your reaffirming your support for preserving and restoring 24 S L and 26 S

Anthony Gallegos02/09/2023Item A

I believe the city ought to enforce the existing ordinance prohibiting short term vacation rentals under sixty days, though exemptions

Cathy Casella02/07/2023Item A

Now playing in Lake Worth Beach - The Redistricting Commissioner D2: Let's hire yet another consultant - this time to

Andrew Gottlieb02/07/2023Item C

Hi, my name is Andy Gottlieb. I live and work in Lake Worth and have been a resident for the

Amy Kabcenell02/07/2023Item A

Population changes make redistricting in Lake Worth Beach necessary. This is unprecedented and should be done with the utmost care

Ted Brownstein02/07/2023Item A
Craig Frost02/07/2023Item A

There really shouldn't be anymore discussions about this, If you are paying attention and actually listening to the engaged public,

Marilu machin02/07/2023Item A

I'm urging you to vote for Option 5 in the redistricting meeting. Once again the city has hired experts and

Tom Johnson02/07/2023Item A

I support redistricting alternative option five. We need to keep the historic Osbourne community intact as well as keeping our

Matthew brisson02/09/2023Item A

I trust the commission to make the best decision for our city, short term rentals have changed the community most

Erin Allen02/07/2023Item A

This commission is the epitome of the phraseology “paralysis by analysis”. You want to study things to death and use

Zade Shamsi-Basha02/09/2023Item A

I support the city tightly regulating or banning commercial air bnbs, but also allowing for an exemption for homesteaded air

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